What Should You Know about Composting


Composting is an excellent way to cut back on your waste removal expenses, help save the environment, and produce fresh, ripe, beautiful crops. If you have never composted before, there are several things you should know before you start. Whether you are tackling a large rubbish clearance project, just starting a small compost pile or are looking to reduce the amount of waste clearance  you do or your contribution to environmental pollution, read this before you start.

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How To Store And Preserve Organic Vegetables

You’ve nurtured and successfully grown some wonderful organic vegetables, so successful that you can’t eat them all at once, so now what? Let’s find out what to do with them so that nothing is wasted!

We’ll start with potatoes, these should be kept in a cool, dark place (a basket or cupboard would be perfect), and should be fine for about two weeks.

Onions should be stored in much the same way as potatoes and can last for up to two months. Continue reading